About Soulberry Market

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Our Mission

To make healthy foods and products available to our community and to inspire people to increase their vitality through consistent healthy life choices.

We believe that nourishing your body with the proper foods is one of the strongest forms of medicine that we have. We are committed to carrying products made with the highest quality ingredients to ensure that you’re fueling your body with foods that will enhance your health.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”
 ~ Hippocrates

Our Story

Welcome to Soulberry Market! Thank you for taking the the time to get to know us – we can’t wait to get to know you! 


Our family has had the pleasure of working in the Natural food industry since 2013. During our time in the health and wellness industry, we’ve had the most amazing opportunities to learn about the healing power of natural foods and products.  Through connecting with our customers, to living the lifestyle ourselves, we have seen how impactful natural living can be for our overall health. 


Our goal for Soulberry Market is to share our passion and knowledge to allow each individual the opportunity to take control of their own health. We believe in the power of voting with your dollar and choosing to support organic, natural products over the use of toxic chemicals and harmful engineering in our food.  We truly believe in this lifestyle and that there are long term health benefits to eating organic, non-GMO, clean foods to increase longevity and quality of life.  



We want everyone to know that whether your looking to make a transition to a healthier lifestyle or you’ve been living this lifestyle for years, we’re here to support your journey!


We can’t wait to meet you!


~The Yassin Family


Our Standards

At Soulberry Market we believe in supply chain transparency. We want our customers to shop with confidence knowing that the integrity of the ingredients in our products as well as our food service department  will never be compromised.
We’re committed to carrying clean products and ingredients that are ethically sourced, good for the planet and come straight from the earth. We hold ourselves to the highest standard and we promise to ensure the following:


Our products will never contain genetically modified organisms. All “at risk” crops must be Non GMO Certified or independently researched by Soulberry Market for approval.


Including flavors, colors, sweeteners and preservatives.


All of our meats must have no added hormones or antibiotics.
  • Chicken –  vegetarian fed and raised cage free.

  • Beef –  humanely raised, grass fed and/or pastured.

  • Fish – Wild caught or sustainably raised


Free from any harsh or toxic chemicals including pthalates, sulfates and parabens. 

100% Organic produce

Our produce is 100% Certified Organic or locally grown using organic practices. 

Our Core Values

We support local and organic farmers that share our beliefs in organic farming and growing. We strive to build and support our community through supporting other like minded businesses who’s mission is to better serve the well-being of our communities.

To  better serve our community and our customers we believe in staying current with the trends and latest science by continuing to educate ourselves, our staff and our customers through targeted trainings and classes.

We care deeply about our earth and the people, plants and animals that inhabit it. That’s why we use environmentally friendly to-go ware and always recycle, reuse and minimize waste to protect and preserve our environment. 

**We would like our customers to know that while compostable products are sometimes the best choice,  science has outpaced logistics and the proper handling of these items post consumption is not always accessible. We choose recycled/recyclable plastics (alternative plastics) when applicable because those are often the only materials that will be recycled/reused post consumption**

We believe in more than just serving our communities but being a part of them and that’s why we are always looking for new ways to be involved and give back to our local communities.

Because, why not 🙂 

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