Thanksgiving Turkey, Soups and Sides

Let us help you with your Holiday cooking this Thanksgiving! We have a variety of gluten free and vegan sides to offer! All items are homemade and prepared with 100% organic produce. Order in-store by Thursday, November 17th.


We’re proud to offer 100% Certified Organic Turkeys, locally sourced from Pennsylvania. This year our turkeys will be coming from Koch’s Family Farm which has been producing high quality turkeys since 1953. At Koch’s Turkey Farm, they raise Organic Turkeys certified by Pennsylvania Organic Certifiers. Their turkeys are raised by the strictest standards in the industry and are fed a GMO free diet.  

Whole Turkeys 10-14LB / 14-18LB / 18-22LB / 22-26LB

$5.49 / LB

Turkey Breasts 4-7LB / 7lb-10LBĀ 

$6.99 / LB

These turkeys are uncooked. Limited quantities availableĀ